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Ths is for your fuckin stupid cousin

Bitch, listen up......Sit up straight read what im writing and make sure it enters your thick head.
Let's make this very simple for you to understand. I'm not sure if your cousin has told you that I have a blog but right now I pray to god she has. Have you looked into a mirror recently, do u own a mirror or are you so fucking ugly then everything you look into a reflective surface it either crumbles or shatters........
Have you seen the way I look BITCH........ Are you stupid enough to think that even in your wildest dreams I wll touch you. You hav the fucking nerve to diss my friends......You flithy,slimey disgusting whore.
You can ask your friends to leave commets on the blog of others.,.. OI SLUT, if you wanna say something nasty have the decency and at least an ounce of courage to admit that you are the one writing it.
You want me to strip for our birthday???? You dumb cock sucking slut, I aint gonna do iteven if you gave me all the money in the world bitch. You want to use me as a toy and pass around??? Firstly, U look like shit, so im positive that your friends areas foul looking as you. Secondly, I know why you want me, look at your boyfriend, he's as ugly as you. If you guys actually want to have children, I'm sure a law will be passed preventing it.
Peace out

taste the pain
9/07/2007 02:37:00 PM


Dinesh and Me. Where's Roger?

Me and my Darling Cuz

2 wonderful friends

Gem of a girl

2 good friends who went overseas to study. You ditchers

Thats ME

Had nothing to do so I decided to put up some pics.
Peace out

taste the pain
9/06/2007 10:18:00 PM

The weekend and ...........................

Last weekend was awesome. On Friday had a few drinks. stay out til like 4 talked a lot of crap with my friends. We did a lot of catching up. However, the highlight of the week was Sumi's birthday party. It was da bomb.

In one of my previous entries, I said was not a stripper. Well, I guess I gotta eat my words. I had to strip but thank god, I only had to take off my singlet. I was being forced by a lot of people to do it. One psycho bitch took my singlet and did not wanna give it back to me, saying it was Sumi's birthday and that I had to carry on. I'm like "What the FUCK man!". I had to ask another of my friend to take the singlet from her and pass it back to me. Ok, I have to admit it was fun but NEVER again. The next time I'm gonna strip for someone it's gonna be on a one to one basis and not in front of a group of people. I had to drink quite a bit to get my nerve up. You see, if I had a proper looking body I would not mind at all. As I always say, "If you have it, flaunt it". The thing is, I don't think my body is that much to look at. With my small tummy and all.....Sigh....

Anyways, my birthday is coming and I'm damn curious to find out what my friends are planning for me. "OI, TELL ME. I WANNA KNOW!!!". Anyways, I'm at work, bored as hell and remembered that I have not updated my blog in a long while. So here I am. I'm thinking of putting up photos...hmm......Still deciding on that.

On the 22nd, I'm gonna do some major soul searching....... Time I figured out stuff and try to get my life in the direction that I want it to go......

Thinking of getting a new tattoo on my left shoulder blade. Thinking of doing an angel. An angel with a serene look. Planning to do it on my birthday. After getting my tattoo, I wanna grab a bottle of red wine, maybe brown brothers ( thats good shit but at an affordable price), head to the beach and just stare into the darken sky and ponder.

Think about what has happened over the past few years, how it has affected me, what I need to do to overcome all the demons in me. Where I wanna be in like 5 yrs and some other shit lah. I just want it to fall in place.

Peace OUT

taste the pain
9/05/2007 09:30:00 AM